So what is OpenDayEveryday?

The knowledge you have about your course and college is important to potential students. OpenDayEveryday allows you to share your experience with others and earn a fee while doing it!

Who is allowed join?

Those currently studying in 3rd level institutions can sign up and earn money. They will be our 'Advisors' and prospective students will want to know what you know! You must use your college email address to sign up.

How does it work?

Students considering 3rd level courses select from our advisors and arrange a video call. The video chat will typically last 15-25 minutes. They pay to chat with our Advisors and our Advisors get paid to provide information from first-hand experience.

My course is not listed, what do I do?

If your course is not listed after you select your college, just select a random course from that college. You will be able to update your profile when we add your course to the database.

How much can I earn?

Video chats will obviously vary in length but will typically last 15-25 minutes and you will earn €10 for a 25 minute chat.
On a good week you could have four or more video calls per day which could mean earning over €200 in one week! How much you earn will depend on how well you can advise potential students and the demand from parents and 2nd level students for connecting with students on a particular course in a particular week. We have access to over 250,000 students ranging from transition year, right the way up to 6th year, who are keen to speak to students like you. You will ultimately determine what you can earn. If you provide good information and get good reviews you might be a busy little bee!

How often will I need to be available?

It’s up to you how you manage your calendar so if you’re coming up to exams you can ease back & put the head in the books, then pick it up again when you’re done.